Booz’d is an app to post where you and your friends are out having drinks.

Simply, ‘check in’ by selecting your location on a map (optional), and write a personalised message in a 120 characters or less.

“Like” your mate’s location and posts – with the choice for instant reposting on Facebook and Twitter.

Track the night by quickly checking in at every drinking location. With each ‘check in’

Booz’d displays the length of time precisely up to the first 60 minutes and in hours thereafter in. At Booz’d, every post refreshes the last – eliminating confusion over the latest location as well as hiding the evidence of a boozy night out by automatically deleting the last post 12 hours after the last ‘check in’.

Booz’d connects people to people with place to place.

No more waiting around for the phone call that never comes – ‘check in’ and check out where your friends are at to make going out and meeting up at a festival, pub, club or house party that much easier.

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