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Welcome to heardit – the #1 app for sharing all the funny and interesting things you overhear.

Download and start using heardit today and post the funny things that you overhear in bars and clubs, on public transport, at the dinner table or in class. Find heardits close to you, follow your favourite users and share with your friends

An App For Everything Overheard

People in this world say silly, stupid, inappropriate, funny, or down right jaw dropping things all the time. The technical term for when this happens is a ‘heardit’, usually said by friends, family, co-workers or strangers in the street. Until now people have generally got away with ‘heardits’ with nothing more than a bit of friendly ridicule. Never has there been an app to capture the down right dumbest and funniest things people say every day…

Until now! Welcome to ‘heardit’! A place to both submit and read the hilarious things people say. A friend says something inappropriate ‘heardit!’, Over hear a conversation on the train that makes you laugh ‘heardit!’ Your poor oblivious mum pulls off a cracking piece of innuendo ‘heardit!’

Discover Heardit’s Around You

Did you hear something funny on the train? Or in the class room? Maybe in the bar? There is a chance you weren’t the only one to hear it.

Check out the heardit’s close to you by using the interactive map feature which is updated in real time, you’ll see all the posts made by users in your area. Alternatively, you can browse the most popular hashtags and see the trending heardit’s in the ‘Worldwide’ tab.

Create Heardit’s Using Hashtags

As soon as you’ve overheard something funny hop onto heardit and post it. Posting a heardit is easy, simply type out the conversation you found funny and then choose an appropriate hashtag. Heardit’s are found using hashtags so when creating your heardit you can also add in #hashtags into your posts’ main content. This allows you to get more creative with how you want people to find your heardit.

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